Friday, November 14, 2008

Hell to the Yes!

Six weeks later my adventure to Insurance Land is almost over.

It took their agent an entire MONTH to get back to me. Once she finally called (while I was at Mina's class Halloween party no less), she told me to go get a second estimate. I should note that I think the only reason she did call me was because my agent left her a nasty voicemail about going over her head and basically dropping the proverbial hammer on her ass.

So I got the second estimate, and it was within 30 bucks of the other one. I sent copies to her and another full week went by with no word.

I left a voicemail yesterday and she called me this morning. I don't know if she was planning on blowing me off forever, but I was determined to hunt her down until this got resolved.

Yes, they are going to pay for it. Which place would I like to go? I didn't really care, but asked if I should schedule now or wait to hear from her.

She told me that I could go now if I wanted to, but I might want to wait until I got the check.

Uh...what now?

I assumed that they would send a check to the place or at most, a reimbursment check to me once they had proof I got it fixed.


I get a big fat check.

Fuck the car. I'm paying off another credit card.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Sweet. Buy some drugs and get the kids a hooker with that money, screw the credit card.

SkylersDad said...

Send out emails to everyone you know telling them you just came into a large amount of money. Then ask for their bank account info, because you need someplace to keep the money.

Wait and see what happens...

Bubs said...

I'd go with Skylersdad's idea. It has some merit.

Congratulations on resolving your insurance issue.

GETkristiLOVE said...

I did that once too when a girl backed into my car in a parking lot and I kept the money to pay off debt. Then, as luck would have it, my car got trapped in a major hail storm and I got the body fixed by insurance, including the previous dent.

Grant Miller said...

Time for a return trip to Italy.

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