Thursday, October 16, 2008

And that, my friends is a fine example of our kick ass parenting

Last night in the tub, Mina told her father that she was going to vote for John McCain.

Jim: Why?
Mina: I like him.
Jim: You LIKE him?
Mina: Yes. I like him.
Jim: WHY do you like him? Is it because he looks like a Grandpa? (Note: McCain does sort of look like my Dad--who is a die hard Republican. Then again, so does Captain Picard.) Who's telling you to like John McCain? Is it someone at school?
Mina: No. I just like him.

We went to sleep on that, but this morning I brought it up again.

Me: Mina, who really told you to like John McCain?
Mina: NO ONE, Mama!
Jim: You know he's a bad man, don't you?
Mina: (looks worried)
Me: Yeah, and he wants to tell you what to do with your own body!
Mina: (looks confused)
Jim: And he hates dogs.
Mina: He hates dogs?!
Jim: Yeah, he kicks them when he sees them. He got a dog just to kick it.
Mina: That's mean!
Me: I know! And wants to tell people who they can marry.
Mina: I don't want to get married!
Me: Well, if you vote for John McCain, he'll MAKE you get married.
Jim: ...and kick dogs.

Then Audrey piped in."I like arockabama!"
Me: Good girl.

Jim: John McCain hates our dogs.
Mina: But they're so cute! Would he kick OUR dogs?
Jim and Me: Yup.

Mina: I don't like John McCain anymore.
Me: Good girl.


SkylersDad said...

Wow, I hadn't even considered the kicking dog excuse. I just withheld food until my son relented...

Wonder Twin Powers...Inebriate! said...

That is utter brilliance...seriously!


Missy B said...

You are my hero.

Esther said...

Missy gave me this link, and I have to second her. I might try that on my sister-in-law.

Kate said...

You could write negative campaign ads!

Earth Muffin said...

You left out that part about Sarah Palin praying over the kicked dogs before she eats them.

Katie Schwartz said...

OH MY GOD, I FUCKING LOVE YOU RIGHT NOW. If my daughter came to me with the same question, I'd have the same response. You are brilliant.

Bubs said...

Great job! You officially have the Bubs y MizBubs childrearing seal of approval!

When our kids were little, we inoculated them against advertising by telling them that all advertising was made by con men who wanted to take all their money.

Little Jimmy Miracle said...

you left out the part where I said he couldn't go to the potty right

Dale said...

Parents of the Year!!

Ruby Ruckus said...

oh my... you rock! i might have to borrow that to use with my in laws.


Grant Miller said...

Very, very funny. We had a similar conversation at our house on Monday. At first our oldest asked why I wasn't voting for McCain and my response was "He's a moron." My wife asked that I provide a more detailed reason as that seemed too flipant. But I didn't want to get into too many political details for my daughter so I just said I was voting for Obama because he's a White Sox fan just like us.

It seemed to satisfy her.

yllwdaisies (aka "D") said...

I'll bet we can raise funding to make this into a tv spot. Or, even a 30-min lil infomercial type thing ;)

Tankboy said...

I had my nephew running around yelling "Barack Obama is awesome!" lat time I saw him, much to my very Conservative brother's dismay.


P.S. I have tix to the big Obama party in Chicago Tuesday but can't decide if I really want to go.

charcuteire said...

I would have stuck with the simple truth. Kicking dogs is so Rove-ean

Explain that when he was a young man he intentionally killed little boys and girls.

GETkristiLOVE said...

What a funny post, you guys are awesome. I think he should have t-shirts that say "A-rocko'bama!"

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