Saturday, July 7, 2007

I win!

The refrigerator that came with this house su-ucks. It's much smaller than the one we left the buyers of the old house, but that's something I could have gotten used to. The worst part of this piece of shit is that it is indeed a piece of shit. It's falling apart and the fridge part cools unevenly. I've got shredded cheese covered in ice crystals in back and warm yogurt up front. Not cool. Hahahaha! Ahem.

I got a wild hair up my ass today and decided that I was going to go out and get a new refrigerator. I was online doing a little research and got an idea of what I wanted, so after Jim got home I hopped in the car to price check in person.

Home Depot's selection was sad. One (too small) bottom freezer on the showroom floor and not a salesperson in sight to help me. Fuck them. I was off to Best Buy.

I was helped 4 seconds after walking into the appliance section and they don't even work on commission! Best Buy Guy was very helpful and found me exactly what I wanted. I told him I still had two more places to check, but he might be seeing me before close.

He was quick to add that they price match. Good to know, Mr. Salesguy.

Next stop was Sears. I got my sexy washer and dryer from Sears, and have been happy with their service in the past, so I had to give them a chance at my cash.

I found the exact same refrigerator at Sears that I saw at Best Buy--but for way more. Yikes.

I let Sears Saleswoman in on the info, and she asked me if I had any proof. I thought she was being a bitch until she added that they will price match PLUS 10%. If there's one thing about me you need to know, it's that this girl likes a bargain. I somehow feel like I've actually accomplished something amazing when I save a few bucks.

Somehow the sale gets passed onto Nervous Guy, and I have him bring up the Best Buy website on their in store computer. We find the sale price, he prints it and we're in business.

I hate talking numbers because it seems so rude and weird, but I'm going to make an exception just this once.

After the price match and the extra 10% (plus 0% for 12 months!), I got a $2500(Sears' price) refrigerator for $1600. She's a beaut too. French door/bottom freezer drawer, water dispenser inside, foldy shelf things, stainless steel and it has that Energy Star rating. Yee Fucking Haw!

They're delivering it Monday.

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Tanya Espanya said...

You are on fire, superstar! I love your negotiating and shopping skilz (I use that spelling to be an ass, btw). And that fridge is hot! clap clap clap

Chaylene said...

I think maybe I get way too excited about appliances.

jewgirl said...

oh, girl, that is a vulva lip twitching honey. you really know your appliances.

hanmee said...

This post truly deserves the category "appliance porn".

Look how those sweet stainless steel arms open wide to embrace you...

I love it! :)

Grant Miller said...

Is it big enough for the body parts though?

Coaster Punchman said...

I wonder if Best Buy would have price matched their price match. That would be dirty pool. Great fridge!

Julia said...

I found your site when I googled "appliance porn" and will now bookmark it for many future reads. My husband is also furious that he can't use "better living through bacon" for any of his future blogs.

Oh and I loathe you for buying the fridge I want!

; - )

yllwdaisies said...


Does it come w/ the wine & the yummy-lookin cake? And is that a pitcher of mimosa, or just OJ?

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