Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Awanas Update

First, thanks to those that responded in the other post. All valid points and much appreciated.

Second, we decided to let her go. Once.

I had to call Bethany's Mom to see what she could bring to the class Valentine's Day party this week, and she brought up how much Bethany is "dying to bring Mina to Awanas".

It's tonight and meets from 6:15 until 8:15. Mina is usually dead asleep by 8:15 every night, so I made sure to make it very clear that this wasn't going to be a regular thing, but "we'd love to have Bethany over for a playdate anytime".

Turns out tonight is "Bring a Friend" night down at Awanas HQ. Hmmm....

I really didn't want to let her go because I was trying to avoid the "Mommy and Daddy are godless heathens" discussion for a later date. Now, I am letting her go so we can have that discussion.

I've even got a nice analogy all planned out.

Dearest Mina,

You know how when we go to ice cream store and you always get vanilla, but Audrey always gets chocolate? It's a choice you make for yourselves.

Audrey wouldn't try to cram a big bowlful of chocolate ice cream down your gullet day after day until you decide you suddenly love it.

In turn, you aren't going to ring her doorbell in the middle of the day when she's trying to take a nap and try to force her to eat vanilla.

There are so many flavors of ice cream out there and everyone has their own personal favorite. Who are we to judge who's flavor tastes better for each individual?

I used to love ice cream until I got older and developed a touch of lactose intolerance. Now when I eat it, it makes me feel gassy and uncomfortable.

Kind of like Jesus.


I'll let you all know how it goes.


Tanya Espanya said...

You're so great. Jeez. Have you thought about moving up here so you can live on my street and then we can chat all the time? You haven't? I think you should, it would be fantastic.

I just finished reading an excellent book called, Parenting Beyond Belief by Dale McGowan.

He also has a blog.

I'm strong in my belief but I don't usually have to vocalize it. Seeing what I think written by others was really delightful. (delightful? WTF, am I 80 years old?)

Anyway, although my baby is only 8 months old, at some point we'll have to have some discussions. And what do I do about Santa? I hate Santa.

SkylersDad said...

Your last paragraph might be the best thing I have ever read! I am still snorting!

Coaster Punchman said...

Yes, that was damn funny - as was this from your other post - "When I asked Mina if she was interested, she looked at me as if I had offered a steaming pile of shit for dinner."

Good times.

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