Thursday, January 18, 2007

Afternoon Delight

I rented a couple of movies this week. One was for the kids and the other, for us grown ups in the house. Because I secretly want to run away with Zach Braff, I picked up The Last Kiss. I liked it a lot. Though not as powerful as Garden State, it had its moments.
I thought they could have fleshed out the character's relationships a bit more and that chick from the OC was distractingly annoying. I kept telling myself "At least it isn't Katie Holmes", and I was satisfied enough to carry on watching.

I went to return said movies this afternoon and noticed a trend. Almost everyone in the place was a male blue-collar worker. I could tell because they variously had paint splattered cover-alls, shirts with their name on them, and/or work boots on.
I normally have an affinity for the work shirt/dirty under the fingernails set, but these guys were both too old and too creepy-looking for my taste.

What were these guys doing at Family Video presumably on their lunch hour, seemingly all at once? Why wouldn't any of them make eye contact with the cashier? Why did they all walk out the same way-quickly and hugging thier rentals close to their Carhart coat?

It had to be porn.

I feel like I've cracked some kind of secret society or something. I can't help but picture laborers all over this fine city going home at the lunch hour for a sammich and a wank.

If in my new house I need some new windows put in or my AC worked on, I guess I'll know why the guys come back from lunch extra happy.

Come to think of it, it's really not a bad idea.


Grant Miller said...
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Grant Miller said...

Isn't it always the porn?

Winter said...

Someone once told me one of the best things in life was porn... or was it corn..

Mark said...

Actually, it occurs to me this might be an excellent diet tool; if you are craving comfort food, try a good wanking instead; seratonin is seratonin.

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