Saturday, November 17, 2007

Is it just me?

Lasr night I checked my gmail account and all was well and good until I tried to reply to an email. Suddenly, I was "timed out" and had to "sign in again" even though it still said I was signed in.

Now I can't even access my gmail inbox at all. When I type the address in, all I get is some search results page. When I click on the gmail link, I get an error page.

Forgive my computer illiteracy. Seriously, I embarass myself sometimes. But what the holyballsfuck is going on here?

It's starting to piss me off a little.


Amber's Baby Blog said...

Google updated gmail so it's "better"

Chaylene said...

"Better" meaning totally broken and making me stabby?

Oh yeah. That's totally better.

Grant Miller said...

Every once in awhile Google adjusts gmail and I can't access it for like two minutes. Same thing happens sometimes when I Google your name, address, blood type, etc. That kind of thing.

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