Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The only way she can rebel is to become a vegetarian

Mina is learning Christmas songs at school. Real, honest-to-goodness CHRISTmas songs.

I don't get it. We have to call the Halloween party a "Fall Party", but they can send my kid home singing about round yon virgins?

Mina's been singing Silent Night a lot. Like A LOT a lot. They've got her doing sign language with it too. It's cute and all, but it's also kind of creepy to hear her singing about the babyjesus.

All this sign language has piqued her interest in deaf people. "Are they different?" she asked me. I told her that they were just people, like us, but they can't hear. And just as I was about to pat myself on the back for such a great and succint answer, she throws this at me: "Can you hear a deaf person cry?"

Maybe it was the PMS last week, but that got me a little misty.

So, it's Silent Night, Holy Night EVERY night and it's getting a little old. But, as most things that are getting old around here do, it's getting funny.

"Holy Shit!" has now been replaced with "Holy Infant!". The same can be said of the less uttered "Holy Cow!".

Mina doesn't like this at all.

She also didn't like the following conversation that took place a few days ago.

Mina (singing): ...holy infant, so tender and mild...

Jim: You know what I like tender and mild? A steak.


Me: Mmmmmm...tender infant....

Mina: STOP IT!

I hope that when Mina grows up, she gets a really well paying job with fantastic benefits to help pay for the inevitable therapy in her future.


Michael K said...

Just explain to her that the Baby Jesus flew the planes into the WTC to punish us for letting gays get married.

Grant Miller said...

God Bless!

Earth Muffin said...

You make an excellent point about the Fall Party/Christmas song hypocrisy. If you're the type to stir the pot, I recommend having a little talk with the principal of her school. Surely you're not the only parent that feels this way.

You might get even better results if you let that "mmm...tender infant..." comment "accidentally" come out while talking to the principal!

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

It's fun to tease kids about eating baby saviors.

mamadawn said...

Holy steak, so tender and in heavenly peace.

Are you going to disown her if she hates bacon?

jay said...

At least Mina is topical to the season. If I hear "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" one more friggin time I'm afraid bad things are going to happen to any and all of Bridget's stuffed rabbits.

mmmmm. holy tender infant. can i get fries with that?

Jenna said...

This cracks me up - everytime we listen to Silent Night (as Dean Martin sings it of course) Andrew says "mmmmm....holy infant... So TENDER! So MILD!" Like its a steak commercial.

jewgirl said...

please. you're kids will have a super dark sense of humor. this, you must love. I do! how funny is the convo wonvo mina had with papa?! howeleena.

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