Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I've been watching way too much reality television

Suggested titles for forthcoming Pussycat Doll songs:

Look at My Snatch!
Who Wants a Ham Sandwich?
Attention Whores Need Love Too
Best Cocksucker in da House (dance remix)
Doncha' Wish Your Drag Queen Was Hot Like Me?
(Oops) I Forgot my Panties
One Pretty Decent Singer and Some Filler
Hot Nubs


Pirelli Jones said...

I vote for (Oops) I forgot my panties.

Good luck with your reality TV addiction. I'd hate to see you trading bootleg DVR drives on the corner now that the writers are back, surely this spate of humanity is drawing into its last days.

SkylersDad said...

Might I also suggest "Bitches and Ho's need money too"?

jewgirl said...

Your song titles are fucking flawless. Can we add one more? Cunt Approved Cuntarellas.

Dale said...


It's Hard Out Here For a Ho!

Winter said...

Wait, aren't some of these on the radio now?

Grant Miller said...

They should hire Paul Van Dyke for the "Best Cocksucker In Da House" remix.

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