Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'll go ahead and apologize first

'Cause someone's bound to get offended. If you happen to be a friend of mine, and you fit or have ever fit the description below, don't think I don't like you. If I didn't like you, I wouldn't hang out with you. And why do you care if I like you anyway?

There. I said it.

A couple of days ago Mina, as she does on an almost daily basis, asked me a hard-to-answer question completely out of left field.

Sometimes she wants to know what would happen if our house caught on fire.

"...but what if you and Daddy were asleep and couldn't save us?"

"...but what if you didn't wake up in time?"

"...but what if all my toys burned up? I like my toys!"


Neurosis is hereditary, and her future therapist(s) are going to hate me.

Her latest was, "Mama, what's a hippy?"

I try to keep it clean and, when necessary, clear cut and simple around the kidlets, so I told her it was someone who cared a lot about the Earth.

She thought about it for a moment.

"I care about the Earth! And Jesus."

Always with the Jesus, that one.

Then she wanted to know if Jesus was a hippy, and the more I thought about it the more I felt I could honestly answer in the affirmative.

"Mama, am I a hippy?"

I went through a more extensive checklist in my head:

-cares about the environment: check

-likes to run around naked: check

-doesn't brush hair: check

-listens to crappy music: not when I can help it

-smells like patchouli: negative
-feels superiority over everyone else: sometimes

-follows overrated bands around the country: not that I know of

-sleeps with everyone's boyfriend: presently, no

"No honey, you are not a hippy. And if I have anything to say about it, you won't ever be."


Earth Muffin said...

We got the same question from Mason not too long ago. Fortunately we were able to point out the plethora of hippie friends that we have. Then, as if from nowhere, a genuine dread-locked, tie-dye wearing, corduroy-pants-in-June paired with Birkenstocks guy walked right past us! Talk about your teachable moments...

No offense taken, I love the Earth and smell like patchouli, but I certainly don't fit the rest of your criteria.

Bacon Lady said...

EM: You "walk the walk", so you are one of the GOOD ones.

That, and you're just a kick ass person in your own right. So there.

(I think you described half the people we went to college with with your surprise hippy encounter. haha).

SkylersDad said...

I think an extra item on your checklist would have to be "claims to have been at Woodstock".

Grant Miller said...

God bless.

Mama Niccicoco said...

hippie Jesus, awesome! naked smelly hippies, BAH!

Beth said...

Good to know you're banning Phish and DMB from the house.

Bubs said...

Thank you.

Kate said...

Jesus was sooo a hippy. LOL
I actually own one DMB CD (Crash I like it, so sue me.)And it's funny because I started listening to that album in the midst of my college riot grrrl days. The tape deck in my '77 LeSabre had Fifth Column, Babes in Toyland and the DMB Crash album in heavy rotation in the summer of 1995.Go figure.
I had a thing for Carly Simon then too but that's not hippy and so I digress..

Jewgirl said...


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