Monday, April 23, 2007

Anatomy 101

I always swore I wouldn't be the type of parent who dumbed down or sugar-coated things for my kids. I mean, there is such a thing as discussing certain topics on an age-appropriate level, but you're never going to hear me utter anything in the realm of "Goldfish/Doggy/Toy, etc. Heaven", and definitely no storks or angels

A couple of years ago Mina got the whole 'girls have a vagina/boys have a penis' spiel.

I'm glad she knows the right words and isn't afraid to use them. Also, sometimes when we're really lucky, it provides a good amount of comedy.

The other night the girls were getting out of the tub when Mina decided we were having a party.

"It's a farty party, Mama!"

My husband and I tried to hide our admittedly immature giggling.

"It's a farty party, farty party, farty party! It's a BUTT party!"

This sent us into all out laughter, which only egged her on more.

"Vagina! Vagina! Penis party, penis party, PEEEEE-NIS!"

Maybe it was the beer I had with dinner, but I was cackling at this point.

Jim joked with her, "I LOVE peanuts!"

"No Daddy! PEE-nis."

"Yeah, peanuts! I think peanuts are great!"

Mina got really angry at this point which only made me laugh harder.

"Don't you know what a penis is, Daddy?! You have a penis!"

After Jim took Audrey out of the bathroom and into her room, Mina sat down next to me looking truly concerned.

"Mama, doesn't he know? You really need to have a talk with Daddy about his penis."


caramaena said...

Ya know... it's just a thought, but I have a funny feeling your husband would be thrilled, for you two, to have a talk about his penis ;)

Hanmee said...

Oh gosh, that's so funny.

My mom taught my son the correct word for it (in Korean) so Brian's not that thrilled because at random, George has taken to pointing to daddy's parts and shouting it. But I think it's at least good it's in Korean. Not as many people will know if he shouts it in public right? :)

I think it's more awkward for them (the husbands) when it's a daughter than a son.

Winter said...

I agree with Caramaena. Maybe it'll get you another kid or two...

Grant Miller said...

Ahhh. Spring time always is perfect for dick jokes.

Jenna said...

hahahaa! I think you had better have the "Big Talk" with Jim. He's old enough.
Evie claimed she was having a Fart Party the other day too. I wonder if she's been IM'ing with Mina...

Phil said...

Pretty cute.

mist1 said...

I like peanuts too. In fact, I think I'll go have a peanut party right now. I wonder where I can get some peanuts right now.

"jew" "girl" said...

only if daddy's not using his penis correctly should you have a talk with him.

too funny!

Tanya Espanya said...

I know, I'm a bit late to this blog and posting a comment a month later, but I thought you'd enjoy this.

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