Monday, April 30, 2007

Back to Square One

After much haggling, hemming and hawing, we are back where we started.

We finally agreed to giving them 3% back at closing, and the washer and dryer and the dressers in the attic and everything else on thier list--if they paid the full asking price on the house.

They declined and now we have nothing.

The couple that looked at it yesterday didn't make an offer.

The guy who was supposed to come look at the house today cancelled at the last minute as well.

I could be really upset about all of this. I could feel angry and defeated, but I refuse.

Part of it that the weather keeps getting better and better and I know more buyers will be out looking. Also, as it gets closer to school registration time, people will (hopefully) be in more of a hurry to close the deal.

Fuck it. It'll happen. Someone will buy this house.


Grant Miller said...

Those greedy bastards.

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Damn, I've been out of the market for far too long. I've never heard of this "3% back" thing. Seriously... cash back? What are you, a credit card company? Whatever happened to good ole "here's the price, make me an offer"?

Phil said...

It will happen!!

"jew" "girl" said...

you will so sell the house, toots. you will. you will. you will! keep the faith, sister.

caramaena said...

I've never heard of the 3% thing either - perhaps it's not done here in Australia Why not just offer 3% less on the house? I don't understand why they'd want it back at closing.

Chaylene said...

Grant: True dat.

BSUWG: I know! Like I want to just hand over my profits?

Phil: That's what I keep telling myself. It's become something of a mantra.

Katie: I'm trying my best.

Carameana: They're trying to make a little cash on the deal. My thoughts are that they just don't seem ready to take the plunge.

Hanmee said...

Sorry the deal didn't work out. But (for most places) it's just getting to the start of the peak season since most people are waiting until summer time to look for housing because of kids and such.

I hope you get a much better offer and then later that horrible couple ends up getting squeezed as the market picks up.

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