Tuesday, April 3, 2007

One time I was a giant crybaby

My house still hasn't sold, and the beginnings of panic are starting to set in.

I'm starting to see more and more SOLD signs around town and I can't help buy wonder why mine hasn't. I truly think we have done everything within our power (and budget) to make this home more than marketable. Aside from picking it up and putting it on a quieter street, there is nothing more to be done.

At Saturday's open house, a couple showed up and seemed to really like it. My real estate agent said the wife was "in love with the kitchen" and that they told her they had been checking the house out on the realty website. It's a good sign, but a even better sign would say "SOLD" and be parked on my front lawn.

I keep getting positive feedback from friends and even other realtors, and that does tend to boost morale, but it still doesn't change the fact that we haven't gotten a single offer in the 8 weeks we've been on the market.

I'm trying not to let this whole process completely take over my life, but that's hard to do when you are as compulsive and controlling as I am.

I want to start shopping for window treatments and paint and the washer and dryer we'll need in the new house. I want to start planting some flowers and playing in our new back yard. I want to pull into my new driveway and use the automatic garage door opener (never had one of those before!).

Do we need to advertise more? Do we need to offer more incentives? What are we not doing that we should be?

Any and all advice, back patting and handholding will be accepted.


Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Did you take down that giant rebel flag hanging on your front porch? I've found that helps.

Winter said...

Are you guys staying in the same town?

I'm asking in a non-stalker tone of voice.

Grant Miller said...

I think you should start lighting fires to your competition.

Chaylene said...

BSUWG: I'll keep that in mind. (P.S. If I actually did have one on my front porch, I'd have been shot by now).

Winter: Yes, basically. We're moving about 10 minutes down the road.

Grant: What makes you think I haven't already...

Winter said...

So I shouldn't email you asking you everyday if your house has sold?

Love Monkey said...

Turn the "Satanic Ritual Room" into a home theater. I think more people are into movies these days. Although red walls are in.

Chaylene said...

Winter: You can, but if you call instead you'd be able to hear me crying much better.

Love Monkey: We musn't upset the Master.

Winter said...

I would call but I'm too busy working for a living.

Hahaha.. that was funny.

Hanmee said...

Have you considered posting a secret webcam thing? Then you could at least hear people commenting on it in case there's something you're missing?

Just something I see them do on "SELL THIS HOUSE".

Chaylene said...

Hanmee: Like a "Nanny Cam"? That's brilliant!

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