Sunday, April 29, 2007

Amateur Night

Good news is we got an offer.

Bad news is it was shitty with an extra shitty contingency.

Here's a hint for anyone out there looking to buy a house: Don't ask for a bunch of money back at closing.

They came in waaaay low and then asked for 3% back at closing. They also asked for the washer and dryer and some furniture we have in the attic.

So the dance begins.

We countered and they countered again, and they still wanted that 3% back.

The proverbial ball is in our court now. They didn't give us a time limit for the counter-counter (or would it be the counter-counter-counter? I'm losing count already...).

First of all, they don't need that much money to close--more like half that. They won't need to buy anything for house. We are leaving the fridge, dishwasher, range, window treatments and even an area rug in the dining room. I actually do want them to keep the washer and dryer, but we are trying to use it as leverage. Hell, after talking to my Mother-in-Law about it, they can keep the damn dressers in the attic as well.

Second, there is no way we are going to let go of a chunk of our profit. We're talking over $3,000 here. I never thought we were going to make a pile of money selling this house, but I sure as hell won't be handing over enough money to get us completely out of debt. The plan is to go into the next house with ZERO debt (aside from that hag Sallie Mae, but that bitch will be getting a check a month probably until my own children go to college).

We have a showing scheduled today. Ironically, it is the same realtor who talked another couple out of buying our house. Weird.

There's also another guy interested in a second showing. His sister just happens to have just rented to house next door. He might be coming over today as well.

I told my realtor to make sure they all know we have an offer in. This will either scare them off or, best case scenario, get them to hurry up and make an offer of their own.

It's going to be gorgeous Spring day today. The sun will be shining, the breeze will be gently blowing...

And the squirrels should be scared.


Phil said...

Ever think of renting the house for a ridiculous amount to some college kids?

Anonymous said...

Aw Man. This sounds like the scenario our realtor laid out for us. Down here in Georgia, we thought we'd be okay because the housing prices hadn't risen so wildly as in other places, but no.

Because there is so much new housing being built, the realtor told us that we could only expect hokey, demand-filled offers, if any. Resells are sitting on the market twice as long as they did a year ago.

Since we don't have a bunch of equity built up in the house due to a refi to do improvements last year, we'd lose money to sell right now. So we're stuck.

I feel your pain. The greed of buyers is out of control from what our realtor told us. It sucks bigtime.

I'm sorry. I come here to comment for the first time and I totally bring you down.

Chaylene said...

Phil: Yeah, but I don't know that I want to deal with that kind of drama. Also, we need the money from the sale to put down on the new house.

Dcup: No apologies needed. I actually like to hear other people's stories--good and bad. It's helpful in assessing my situation.

As for the greed of buyers...We have already bought our next house (but we have a little while before we have to officially close), and we were more than fair in our negotiations. Maybe we should have been more obnoxious?

Thanks for stopping by!

Hanmee said...

I don't like all the back and forth on costs. Don't ask for closing, don't ask for other perks. The only thing I see asking for is, say the cost to repair something, if there would be no time to repair it before closing. Other than that, consider the cost in the actual offer you make.

I'm sorry you're going through this crap. I understand people can no longer except $1 million for some fixer-up shanty anymore, but they shouldn't expect people to sign over their first born to sell their house.

Freakin' ridiculous

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