Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Daniel, my brother

Today my Mom told me something that kind of shocked me.

My younger brother was trying to figure out a way to buy my house (to rent out) to relieve me of the burden.

I was speechless for a second.

It's not that my brother don't get along. It's just that I never really see him anymore. He lives in NYC and has some fancy job that takes him all over the world. He doesn't always make it home for holidays either. Mostly we email back and forth once in a while. He sent me an email just the other day to make sure I knew Jerry Fallwell had bitten the dust (he knew I would appreciate the heads up).

As it turns out, there is some residency law that prohibits him from using the purchase of my house as a tax write off. I don't know how any of that works, and I'm certain my Mom's convoluted explaination didn't help any.

It was so touching that the kid that once ratted me out for smoking at the bus stop (I was in junior high! I was such a J.D., oy) has turned into such a would be benefactor.

I really should have been nicer to him when we were growing up.


yllwdaisies said...

You are the 3rd sister this week that I know who has been blindsided by the love of a brother. They never let on that they can be good, until BAM! They're sneaky like that.

dirty said...

I wish I had a brother...or even a sister growing up.

Phil said...

It's shocking how great family can be sometimes.

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