Saturday, May 26, 2007

And now, onto the more important stuff

I'm still riding the adrenaline high (and the hangover low) of having my house sold.

GodDAMN am I a happy camper!

The couple that bought it has a 5 year old son and are engaged. It's good to know a growing family is moving in and not some investor who might chop it up into apartments like happens to so many old houses around here.

It only took a few hours of back and forth haggling, but it was relatively painless compared to the first round of bullshit we went through a few weeks back.

We will close on our new house June 5th and close on this one June 28th, which gives us a good three weeks of moving time.

It was so weird to wake up this morning and not have to immediately start picking up and cleaning. Good thing too because the celebratory vodka tonics last night would have made the task most unpleasant.

The best part, and solid proof of how much of a total June Cleaver I have become, is that I am beyond excited to go buy a new washer and dryer. I know I want high efficiency front loaders, but that's about it. I went online yesterday to price compare not realizing just how many different brands there were.

So, it's down to you: the handful of people who might happen to be reading this schlock. Pimp me some washer and dryer combos. I need guidance here.

Just remember, choose wisely. You don't want me cursing your name every time I sort my laundry.


Tanya Espanya said...

We also have a front loader washer (please don't make me go down and find out what brand name it is) (Okay, I checked, it's LG) and we LOVE it. I LOVE it. Can't help you on the dryer because the one that came with the house is still good (and seems newish).

We also have a bottom freezer fridge (not a stainless steel one, just plain white) and I also love that.

Our dishwasher isn't cleaning the glasses as well as it should, since you asked (it's a Kenmore) and I guess I should get someone to come and look at it instead of washing the glasses by hand.

Hmmm...what other appliances...Well, currently my husband is using a pressure washer to clean the deck but he rented it from Home Depot.

Aren't you glad I came to visit your blog? HAHAHAHA! And now I have to go and read all your archives - geez, can't you give me a condensed version of all the crap you've written this year?


Chaylene said...

Thank you!

I'm going to check into some Memorial Day sales around town for the washer/dryer. Nothing says "thank you" to the troops like discounted appliances!

The house is coming with a fridge, but it's a plain ol' boring one--doesn't even have ice and water in the door (the horror!). I think we might move it to the garage and get a bottom freezer model.

The Reader's Digest version of my archives sounds something like "babies, house selling, and cunty people".

Yup, that about sums it up.

"jew" "girl" said...

MAZEL TOV, BUBBIE!!! You sold your house OMGeers, are you plotzing?!?!? this is tits to the tenth power. I am so excited for you, honey!!!! yahoooo-ewww-ewww

Tanya Espanya said...

Oh, yeah, I forgot to say congrats on selling the house (I'm so self obsessed I constantly talk about myself when leaving comments)(and also suffering from pregnant brain so I'm lame.)

Thank you for the short version of your blog, but I've bookmarked you and now will spend the next couple of hours reading and commenting. (commenting about myself on your blog).

Are you moving within your same city (I know, I know,you already posted about that but I didn't get to read it yet...).

Kimmy said...

LG! We have the front loader washer, dryer, and the french-door/bottom freezer fridge WITH ice and water IN THE DOOR!

...and CONGRATS!!

Love Monkey said...


I won't offer you washer advice. Mine came w/the condo. It's cool. I find the combo dryers take longer. But if you do smaller loads it's ok.

Grant Miller said...

Congratulations. Go Maytag whenever possible and subscribe to "Consumer Reports" and follow its advice religiously.

It's mostly worked for me.

Hanmee said...

If you can, check consumer reports. It gives you some ideas, even if you don't go with the exact model.

Jenna said...

We have the big LG washer and dryer and I FUCKING HATE THEM! Aside from the washer being leaky, it is all computer controlled and if you have to pause the wash because your dipshit husband decides to take a shower, the machine automatically shuts itself off after 5 minutes so it forgets where it was in the wash cycle and you have to start the whole wash over again, even if it was just finishing up the final rinse. That, to me, is not water saving, ya dig? So watch out.

We used to have a Kenmore front loader and it was far superior (and cheaper), though it didn't hold as large a wash load.

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