Monday, May 7, 2007

Welcome to the Bacon Show

I stumbled across this today.

I was trying to find a recipe for cole slaw that incorporates bacon and/or bacon grease into the mix. I got some of this broccoli slaw mix at the grocery store the other day and, wanting to knock it off its high and mighty health pedestal, decided it needed some baconation.

Let's be honest, what doesn't taste better with a little bacon?

Alright, lots of things don't...

But that won't stop me from trying.


Grant Miller said...

You know what tastes great with bacon? More bacon.

Phil said...

Do you like faux bacon as well? Or is it only the real thing for you?

Chaylene said...

Grant: Sing it, brother.

Phil: Faux bacon?!! As if.

Winter said...

I eat turkey bacon only.

I sorry.

Can I still read your blog?

Chaylene said...

Winter: Of course! Even vegetarians are welcome in the House of Salty Meat.

Rick said...

Bacon Martini anyone?


I bacon recipe per day, forever? That just doesn't seem like enough.

Jason said...

Although I enjoy your blog, I also do not eat real bacon. Not because I'm Jewish but because my love of bacon is unrequited.

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