Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dream a little dream

When I went to ISU, I used Health Services for all my medical needs. The doctors were friendly and the facility was pretty nice as far as health clinics go. I was happy to have the place available, especially for my yearly lady bits exam.

The only qualm I had with the place was their choice of decor in the exam room. Among the magazines, cheesy "successories" posters and STD pamphlets was a poster. This poster was not on the wall, but rather strategically placed above the exam table. It was unavoidable, right there on the ceiling.

It was a Tiger Beat-esque poster of the Coreys (yes, plural).

Now, had I gone to college in the late 80's, this would have made a little bit more sense. This was the early 90's. Mr. Feldman and Mr. Haim were well past their sell by date at this point.

What was the purpose of having anything on the ceiling, let alone a dated poster of child actors? Comic relief or something way creepier?

I can only assume whoever put the poster up there thought college co-eds (still) found the Coreys attractive. Why would they want someone getting a very personal medical procedure to be turned on? Why would I want to think about washed-actors while someone had their hand up my snatch?

That's what parties were for.


Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

... and, to this day, she gets a little secret twinge every time she walks past The Goonies at Blockbuster ...

Hanmee said...

oh man. This cracks me up!

I did go to a clinic before (I think it was during college as well) where they had something on the ceiling to read, but it was more general remarks like "we know this is uncomfortable, but blah blah blah".

I don't know how that wouldn't backfire on them. I mean, as you mentioned, those guys were well past their prime which is awkward having them "stare" down at you. Or what if you DID like them. Do you really want to think about that while you're having your yokel checked out? Start thinking enjoyable thoughts and then go "oh, uh yeah, forgot someone else was down there!"

Winter said...

Why did you not bust out the cell phone camera?!

Chaylene said...

Winter, Back then I didn't even have an email address. Also, I had to walk 2 miles (uphill) to use the outhouse.

Chaylene said...

hanmee, I know! As if the camera crew wasn't enough.

Patrick, How did you know?

Hanmee said...

wait wait wait...for some reason I just noticed...ISU? As in Iowa State??! or something else?

Chaylene said...

Nope, Illinois State.

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