Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Invasion of the Clutter Snatchers

Today the pod people finally came to pick up my stuff. No, not those pod people--the storage unit people.

I slacked big time in getting this taken care of, and I shudder to think what got ruined because of it. Those storage units sat out there for 6 weeks, 3 major snows and a whole lot of sub-zero temperatures. Can olive oil freeze?

The owner of the storage place has been calling me for the last couple of weeks, asking when I wanted the units picked up. I kept putting him off because I didn't feel like thinking about it. My husband finally chipped the ice away from the perimeter this morning and the big metal boxes full of our stuff are on their way to some secret underground lair to be watched over by magical yet fierce unicorns until we are ready to move into our new house....or something like that.

We got back the part of our driveway that my husband usually parks his behemoth of a car on. (I know it's a crappy picture, but I didn't feel like to looking for a better one.) Of course, it is costing me $100 a month to store the units (and most likely some hidden bullshit charges on top of that) for the privilege.

Up side: About 90% of the clutter in my house has been eliminated by utilizing those storage pods.

Down side: Eventually, they are going to make us take it all back.

I hope the unicorns take good care of my stuff.


Winter said...

Why, and please explain this, is it painted in super heros?

Not that there's anything wrong with it.

Grant Miller said...

Can you live in a Pod?

Chaylene said...

Winter, We own a comic book store.

Grant, I think that's frowned upon.

Hanmee said...

That van is so freakin' cool.

My husband has talked about getting a van painted up like the A-Team van.

Now that you've been responsible and cleaned up the clutter, you can go to your stuff in storage and sort through a portion at a time and actually get rid of stuff and donate it. (How much do you need it if you don't need regular access to it?)

That is what we're trying to do (only we're keeping all our crap in the house until we get rid of it).

Hanmee said...

Forgot to mention that I've heard stories on the news of how people have used those PODs as extra storage systems and will leave them in their driveway indefinitely, which really pisses off their neighbors. And because there is no legislation in the HOA, they are stuck with it (unless of course they change the rules).

Winter said...

Chaylene: Thank God. I was afriad you were going to tell me he was a super hero.

And I probably would have believed you.

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

I had a pod for a while; some graffiti-artist tagged it and it took us hours to scrub it all off with harsh chemicals.

btw, Cool van. Are my old Conans or Web of Spidermans from the late 80s worth anything? (I doubt it.)

Love Monkey said...

I'm going to admit I have never had a pod or even saw one close up, but I have thought about them more often than I should maybe. Sometimes I get lonely.

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