Friday, February 2, 2007

I'm kind of crazy right now

We are selling our house. The sign is in the yard and we are getting calls to come see it. It's hard to keep the house in "show condition" with two little kids and two dogs. Every time someone wants to see it, I have to not only get the house picked up and spotless but also get everyone out of the house for a while.

There's a place down the street where we board the dogs when we go out of town, and they offer drop-in Doggie Daycare. Sounds ridiculous until you actually need it. It's cheap too. Five dollars a dog if it's under four hours. Totally worth every penny. It's either pay the ten bucks or drive around with them and the kids in the car.

Normally I would see such a thing as a challenge or some kind of character-building exercise, but I don't really think my sanity needs any needling.

Added to all this house-selling craziness is the fact that my two year old is going through an "evil stage". At least I hope it's a stage. She can't ask for something. She whines for it. If I tell her no, I get full on hellfire. I'm trying to be patient--really really trying. My older daughter went through this exact thing about the time we brought baby sister home, so I know it ends. Right now though, I feel like trading her in for bag of sand.

My dogs have been a little off lately as well. I think they're all freaked out because the furniture is in different places and half the stuff that is normally laying around is gone. My male dog has this disgusting habit of licking my female dog's ears. It makes her ears stink and the sound he makes while doing it makes my skin crawl. It's gross.

Right now all of them are running circles through the house. They are screaming and laughing and it sounds like a herd of livestock are stampeding through the house.

But they are not fighting or crying or whining (or licking), so I really shouldn't complain.

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