Thursday, February 22, 2007

One time, I should have kept my mouth shut

In 1983 a murder took place in my town. I didn't live here then, but I did read the book that was written about it (twice). It's a fascinating case made even more eerie by the fact that it took place in the town I live in. If you are a true crime junkie like me, it's a must read.

I used to be a hairstylist. Before I had kids, I worked really long (12+ hour) days behind the chair and I got to meet many interesting people from many different walks of life.

One night I had a new client who was referred to me by her sister. She had a really different name. Being a "Chaylene", I can sympathize with others saddled with a fucked up moniker.

We chatted easily and had a couple of laughs before I started cutting her hair. Halfway though the haircut, I brought up her name again. I'd only heard once before, I told her.

"Remember that Hendrick's murder in the 80's?"


"I read that book recently. One of the models that guy used for his business pamphlets had your name. Can you imagine what that was like. I mean, those girls must feel so creeped out knowing they modeled for a murderer!"

"Uh...that was me."

She found a new stylist after that.


Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Cool story... I'd like to know what her unusual name was, and would also like to know how the rest of that haircut went. Did she just get all cold, or did you just quickly change the subject and try to ignore the whole thing?

Hanmee said...

Talk about shooting the messenger. It's not like YOU were the murderer (or even the author of the book).

Does she think no one remembers or has read the book.

Still, I guess I can understand how awkward and weird that is.

Winter said...

I LOVE those books.

How creepy are we?

Leah said...

Holy crap!

Grant Miller said...

Did you slice off her ear with the scissors? Did you at least think about it?

Chaylene said...

Patrick: Her name is Echo. I believe she changed the subject, but I've blocked out anything past the putting my foot in my mouth moment.

hanmee: I'm pretty sure she's used to that happening. It's probably why she went all Fundie.

Winter: We are indeed extra creepy (it's awesome, isn't it?).

Leah: Agreed.

Grant: No, but I did shave a Nike symbol in the back of her head.

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