Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hey you! Don't watch that! Watch this!

Monday! Monday! Monday!

Come one (or bring a date), come all (or stay home and continue to digest the 8,000 cookies you ate this week) to the most exclusive (well, everyone is welcome) party (more of a gathering) in town (Chicago, city proper).

It's the second annual Drysdale Awards for Blogging.

It's not to miss! Last year, Grant Miller got really drunk and kept snapping all the ladies' bra straps.* Some Guy taught us 400 different words for snow.** I took my top off and danced on the tables for tips.*** GetKristiLove charmed the bartender to give us free drinks all night.**** I found out Coaster Punchman is actually a covert spy in the Mormon church (dismantling the theocracy from the inside--clever!).***** Bubs shot a man just to watch him die.****** These are but a few highlights of that fateful night.

Shock and awe, people. Shock and awe.

So, don't be shy. No one bites (except Grant and only when prompted), and it's a nice way to cap off Jesus' birthday.

See you there!

*With his mind!
**And he's not even part Eskimo.
***This didn't actually happen at the party, but at our hotel room afterwards.
****It was more her sneaking behind the bar and stealing bottles, but who's counting?
*****Actually, this one is true.
******This one too.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Hey don't forget to vote for me for worst commenter. If I win I want you to accept my award and then to throw it in someone's face.

Bubs said...

Was I there?

Bacon Lady said...

Dr. M: Gladly.

Bubs: Not according to the statement I gave. Shhhhh.

Tankboy said...

Wait, you're going to be in town?!

SkylersDad said...

Damn, wish I could be there. Once again, I feel I must demand that someone stream this live!

Grant Miller said...

Ah yes. It was nice this year I took off my shirt and danced on the tables for once.

GETkristiLOVE said...

I missed it this year - hope you all had a great time.

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