Monday, December 29, 2008

Do they not teach math in public school anymore?

*What should have happened:

(Scene: Local Meijer grocery store customer service desk. For the uninitiated: Think Walmart but cleaner, and less hobo-ridden).

I bought item X for 169.99 on sale (original price was 209.99) two days ago.

It went on sale yesterday for 25% off the original price, making it about $157. Meijer does the whole "price match" thing so, if something gets cheaper within a week, you get the difference.

I should have gotten the difference between what I paid and what the new sale price is: about $13.

169.99 - 157.49 = 12.50

Still with me?

*What actually happened:

Customer Service Girl insists I should get 25% of 169.99.

Me: Are you sure?

CSG: Yes.

Me: Really? I don't think that's right.

CSG: Yes, have a good night!

169.99 x 25% = 42.50

Me: Oh, I will.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Spend the difference on drugs and hookers.

Bacon Lady said...

I spent it on cigarettes and a bottle of wine (and the my groceries).

Close enough?

SkylersDad said...

Switch the scene to local fast food restaurant. Sky-dad orders breakfast sandwich combo, total comes to 5.13 and I hand little miss attitude my 10 dollar bill and a quarter. She asks what the quarter is for. I tell her it is so I don't get so much change back. Manager is needed to clear up the hard math and heavy eye rolling situation...

Beth said...

I picked up a gift at Godiva Chocolates a couple weeks ago. The total was $8.27. I gave the cashier $10.27. She gave me $1.73 in change. I pointed out that she actually owed me $2.00 since I gave her the coins.

"Oh, but I'll have to re-ring the sale."

"That's okay, bitch; I'll take the loss so you don't have to re-ring it." I knew that explaining she simply had to reopen the drawer would have really flipped her out.

Mathman6293 said...

When I worked retail from 86-99 my employees' math skills were not any stronger than my current students.

So the answer is yes math is taught but it is rarely learned.

KT said...

I love stupid people. Especially when they work to my advantage.

Katie Schwartz said...

WE'LL TAKE IT. At least it was poor math in your favor. Not so terrible. It was very menschy of you to ask her if she was certain of her math.

Happy New Year, doll! Big hugs and kisses.


Some Guy said...

They're building a Meijer's up by us. Let's hope they have employees with similar mathematical deficiencies.

By the way, nice seeing you Monday!

Sass said...

I need to shop at YOUR meijer. The Meijer here only makes mistakes in their own favor...



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