Saturday, January 3, 2009

How NOT to be famous in my town

Playwright Fail

The Wrong Stuff

The Notebook...if it was the ones cops carry to write you tickets


Scope said...

The most disturbing part: He owns a poodle?!?

Oh yeah. And drunk driving is bad, too.

But a poodle?

Bubs said...

I hope it was a standard poodle. Like in Steinbeck's "Travels With Charlie". Standard poodles are cool dogs if you don't give them a fruity haircut.

Woodford Reserve is pretty good bourbon, too. I visited their distillery in October.

So, does this mean we'll have to go for a drink at Fat Jacks when we come to visit?

SkylersDad said...

Good to know that the hotel allows pets, because that was real pertinent to the story!

Alice said...

Hey Bacon Lady... I gave you an award. Please visit my blog to accept.



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