Friday, January 9, 2009

I can hear the four horsemen on the horizon...

My Mom has a facebook profile.

This afternoon I got a friend request thing from my brother. That's all fine and good. Considering the fact that he made fun of me for having one (his exact words were, "Aren't you a little OLD to have one of those?"), I was a bit suprised he took the plunge.

He's been all over the world, did a Peace Corps stint and still travels to exotic places for his job, so it only made sense for him to join the big social experiment in order to keep up with all of his worldly friends.

Apparently he used the email search function to find people he knows because my mother got one too.

I called her this afternoon to tell her my embarrassing story of the day.

I totally wiped out walking to my car after having lunch with Jim and Audrey today. I slipped on some mud or something. Not quite sure exactly how, but I do know that I feel pretty crappy right now and I have a hole in the knee of my new-ish jeans.

"Oh by the way," mi madre says, "Daniel has one of those facebook things. I signed up to see his pictures."

" A face whatnow?"

"Facebook. You know. You put pictures and stuff up on it."

"Oh, right. Good for him."

"Yeah, good for him."

"Next thing you know, he'll be writing a blog! That would be weird. Only weird people have blogs."

"Take it easy today OK?"

"OK, Mom. I think I'll take a bath when Jim gets home. Just a bath. No facebook stuff or blogging. Blogging is for losers."

"Uh...OK honey. Kiss the girls for me and...think about taking a nap."


Alice said...

People think I am weird because I blog.... Everyone I know has facebook and I do too. I guess I really don't want anyone reading my blog though (except my dad) it is more personal. All of the Bloggers I know are cool (well they are everyone I know here) I least I can tell what is on my mind to people who really don't have to see me everyday.

Bacon Lady said...

I love all my blogger friends. They completely brighten my day.

However, under NO circumstances should my mother be reading my blog (or looking at my facebook profile for that matter). Some of the shit on here (there) could very well get me disowned.

Scope said...

If you friend your brother, Mom will see you.

For the record, my mother has no iea this blog exists, and if she were to find it, I'd configure blogger on her web browser as an untrusted site, so she couldn't get there. She doesn't know about ie security settings.

Scope said...

And she as no IDEA my blog exists, either.

Frak! You know what I mant.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Facebook me baby. I'm under my real name over there though, so it may be hard for you to find me.

SkylersDad said...

I have already had some family and friends find me on blogger that I didn't think would. So I have had to tone down my complaining about them!

Friend me over on facebook, will ya?

Bacon Lady said...

Done and done.

Dale said...

My mother barely remembers that I exist so no chance of her finding my blog, haha. I'm avoiding Facebook as I spend enough time already not doing the million things I should be.

Tankboy said...

My mom just added me today!!!!

What the hell, are our parents in cahoots?

Tanya Espanya said...

All bloggers are weirdos. Aren't they? Aren't I?

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