Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oy vey is right


My husband told me about an application on Facebook for playing Blackjack. I loooove playing Blackjack, so naturally I was all about it.

I picked an empty table to practice and see how all the bells and whistles worked. I had a few games under my belt when someone else joined me.

She didn't do anything at first. I continued to play.

Suddenly there was a message from her down on the chat function in the corner.

All it said was:


My name is a slight bastardization of a Hebrew word. My father happens to have been raised a Jew before converting to Christianity as a young adult. When I was young, my family would sometimes light the menorah next to the Christmas tree (well, not right next to it--didn't want to burn the house down.) But my Mother is not Jewish, so none of this makes me "officially" Jewish.

More like Jew-ish.

"yeah," I typed back to my nosy table mate, "no one usually gets that from the name."

And as soon as she read it, she was gone.

Nazi bitch.


Anonymous said...

I always wondered about that word Jewish. You don't hear other faiths referred to that way -- like Catholicish or Lutheranish or Islamish. Makes you wonder.

Bubs said...

Have you ever played online poker? Almost every time I sit down there's at least one person at the table who is either wildly racist, anti-semitic or just grossly sexually offensive. The anonymity of the internet gives them the balls to say things they never could in real life, pathetic little bastards.

Grant Miller said...

I'm shocked and disappointed there would ever be a complete moron in an online social networking site.

GETkristiLOVE said...

How rude, I hope you got yourself a virtual cocktail after that.

Grant Miller said...

You're on Facebook? Why haven;t you eadded me as your efriend?

You've hurt my cyberfeelings.

jewgirl said...

that is too much. why did she care if you were jewish anyway? you were playing blackjack which was fuckall to do with being jewey.

SkylersDad said...

In case nobody has sent this link to you:

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