Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Playing Catchup

This weekend I went up to Chicago with my friend Travis to see a "band" named Girl Talk at the Metro. What a clusterfuck that was.

Don't get me wrong. I had a fabulous time. We stayed with one of his oldest friends and her husband and I couldn't have asked for better hosts. The evening was a late celebration of the husband half of our boarders.

They had a little get together before the show, and hired a limo to take our tipsy asses into the city.

Travis did my hair and makeup and the end product was stripperific. I loved it.

The show wasn't slated to start until 11pm, so I was leery that I was even going to make it there without falling asleep. When we got to the Metro, the line was wrapped around the block so we hit a nearby bar to kill some time.

Sometime after midnight I looked up at one of the television screens to see that Obama took South Carolina with 55 percent. Suddenly I caught my second wind. How amazing is that? I was positively giddy.

I was so excited that I nearly forgot that we still a show to attend.

At close to 1:30 in the motherfucking morning, we stepped foot into the show. I didn't really know what to expect. I'd never even heard of this "band" before, but it was a free ticket and a weekend getaway so who am I to complain?

That was a joke. I'm totally going to complain.

The show was basically a dude on stage with a DJ setup, playing his CD and pretending to spin records. I think.

I was so confused.

The music was fun. It was basically "mash ups" of intertwined riffs and samples of everything from Elton John and James Taylor to Britney Spears and--I swear to the babyjesus--a snippet of a Tones on Tail song. Crazy.

Travis and I agreed that the whole ordeal made us feel elderly, or "oldsters" as we lovingly referred to our posse for the night.

The people watching was amazing though. I am such a stare queen in situations like that, and I was not left hanging for a moment.

I will say that while I joke about feeling old, I know I'm not. I am however too old to deal with the shitastic bathroom situation at the Metro. It was gross the last time I was there (13 years ago. Mazzy Star.). The full magnitude of its gut wrenching nastiness is even more apparent now without a cloud of smoke to cover it up.

We didn't get back to our hosts' house until almost 4 in the morning. Christ, who do I think I am?

The whole night can pretty much be summed up by the mental image I have burned into my retinas of a girl and her friend parting the crowd just fast enough to puke at my feet.

But seriously, I had a great time. Next time though, I think I'll go to the early show.


Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Never heard of them. But I love Mazzy Star.

GETkristiLOVE said...

That does sound crazy. That would never happen in Boulder - last call is at 1:30am at the bars/clubs and the hippies are too stoned to party all night.

Tankboy said...

Greg Gillis -- the guy that is Girl Talk -- puts on an AMAZING show ... easily one of the highlights of last year's Pitchfork. His forte is the layer of the familiar so it creates a completely new context while making you want to dance right out of your pants.

And he uses a laptop, not CDs.

Bacon Lady said...

Jim: What I meant was, he could have (and I think he did) put his CD in and *pretended* to use his laptop. And with the hundreds of people up on the stage with him, I highly doubt he was getting much of anything done up there.
It would have been fun to hear at a party or an open air festival (like Pitchfork?), but the metro was a sorry venue for that type o' partay.
It was also unsettling to see 20-something hipsters belting out James Taylor (not that I wasn't doing the same thing to the Jackson 5 when I used to go hear you DJ).
Six of one...

Bubs said...

Heh...I haven't been to Metro for a late show in ages--last time we were there was to see the Futureheads a couple years ago. I keep threatening to accompany my eldest daughter to nocturna some night.

Earth Muffin said...

"Clusterfuck" happens to be one of my husband's favorite words. Since I've started reading your blog I've come to the realization that you are the female version of him. Hmmm...I thought you were a pretty cool chic in college, but I don't recall wanting to spend the rest of my life with you.

McQty said...

I love to "people watch", now that would be right up my alley !! I love your blog by the way.

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