Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I found it charming.

One summer back in college I had a boyfriend who was sweet and funny and a little bit crazy. It was fun.

I had met him years before we actually dated when I was sleeping with one of his roommates. Who would have thought, years later, we would end up together for a while?

One night while Summer Boyfriend and I were hanging out, he told me that his bedroom was directly above his old roommate's, and he used to be able to hear us having sex through the floor.

And he would masturbate while he listened in.


Michael K said...

I thought the whole reason people masturbate in private is that you're not supposed to tell anybody about it. I am going to send a letter to Miss Manners asking about proper etiquette as it involves masturbation information disclosures.

Grant Miller said...

Masturbation is sick and disgusting.

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