Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I survived

Mina's birthday party was this past Sunday and the best part is that it's over with.

Seriously though, it did go well (although next year it will end after two hours not three...).

I now know what that little smirk I got from some of the parents (the ones with older children) meant: "Two hours is the max, sweetie. Good luck! HAHAHAHAHA!"

Oh well. Live and learn.

We escaped with only two minor injuries. One was a scraped ankle and one was my poor withered balloon-tying fingers. I'll have a lovely scar to remember it by too.

In other parenting related news, I am the Room Party Parent for Mina's kindergarten class. I guess I was the only parent (stupid enough)to check the "I can be present for every party" box.

The "Fall Party" is today and I got everything covered. The parents in my daughter's class are really nice and no one balked at my requests. I'm thinking we could get pony rides for the "Holiday Party" if I ask nicely enough.

Between Audrey's "parent cooperative" preschool and Mina's kindergarten activities, I feel like I am up to my freshly cut side-swept bangs in school stuff--which is why I am nervous about my impending venture into Parttimejobdom.

Yes, Mama's gettin' a jobby job. Have I already mentioned this? I'm too lazy to go back and reread past posts...

I'm going to apply at Starbucks. Good benefits, flexible hours and most importantly, free coffee. It's a win-win for everybody.

I'm waffling about my trip to Italy in June, and I'm starting to feel guilty for spending money we don't have. If I can get a little cash of my own, maybe I won't feel so irresponsible. We'll see.

It's still 8 months away though. Plenty of time to work myself into a guilt-ridden frenzy.


Michael K said...

What the fuck is a "Fall Party"? Everybody knows it's Halloween today. Is Halloween considered a religious holiday now? I'm all about the separation of church and state but this is kind of retarded.

Chaylene said...

Oh, I hear ya. That's why that and "Holiday Party" (quotation marks imply eyerolls this post) are in quotes up there. I think it's stupid too, but if they call it a Christmas party, someone might try and sneak the babyjesus in and I'm not down with that. So, "Holiday Party" it is.

It's all so PC at school these days. I just nod and smile.

Is Halloween a religious holiday? I guess it kind of is...but something tells me the school board isn't too worried about what the Pagans are up to.

Amber's Baby Blog said...

Not the Garlic Press. I could put in a good word.

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

So, your hair cutting days are over?

Michael K said...

I guess I just can't believe that a holiday that is celebrated by people dressing up like slutty nurses is a religious holiday.

Chaylene said...

BSUWG: For now. I am still keeping my license current (and I still do some "freelance" work for cash).

Josh: See you this weekend!

Michael: It is if you worship at the Church of Sluts (and who doesn't?).

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