Monday, October 22, 2007

Oh My

I read in the paper today that the woman who owns the place that I board my dogs was arrested for animal cruelty.

Before I go any further, I want to state for the record that I do not think she did it. I just can't.

Is she a little rough around the edges? Yeah. Could I see her attempting to poison a person? Maybe. If she got pissed off enough. But an animal? No fucking way.

The article states that there are several witnesses putting her car at the scene. She does drive a huge, white SUV with gold trim and a vanity plate. It's wouldn't be hard to miss her behemoth vehicle even in the dark. But what the article doesn't say is who these witnesses saw behind the wheel. I'm holding onto the hope that it wasn't her driving--that someone else took some grudge or fight too far and borrowed her car to settle the score, unbeknownst to a woman I've trusted my dogs to more times than I can count.

The saddest part, as a friend of mine pointed out, is that no matter the outcome, her dog grooming/boarding business is going to suffer a major hit and may not recover at all.

Part of me wants to take my dogs over there right now to prove that I don't believe that she could ever be capable of hurting an animal.

I just hope I'm right.


Grant Miller said...

I hope she wasn't having a "relationship" with any of the animals. That'd be messed up.

Chaylene said...

Oh Grant Miller. Always dragging it into the gutter.

I knew I could count on you.

alison said...

WC Fields said never work with children or doogs. for a reason. they have the same insight and reaction response. Children do not do well around people who hurt or offend them and dogs tend to be the same way. Your dogs know if she is a shit bag. trust her if they do!

Michael K said...

You do live in a college town which are usually full of PETA folks. Many of those folks are for the liberation of all animals and consider the keeping of any animal slavery. I'd wait and see how this whole thing comes out before passing judgement.

Chaylene said...

Michael K: Hopefully those PETA folks won't find out about the doggy sweatshop I have in my basement.

Jenna said...

Can you imagine if PETA got their way and all the pugs were liberated from their owners? They would all drop dead in 5 hours from lack of sofas and bellyrubs.

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