Friday, October 5, 2007

Lowering the Bar

Someone please explain to me why it's apparently become socially acceptable for a 20-something year old guy to wear a shirt that reads, "I JUST SHARTED" in any capacity, let alone in public.

I'm no prude, but christalmighty, that's just wrong on so many different levels.

Recently the business department at ISU implemented a corporate attire requirement for class much to the collective groan of its students.

I don't really give a shit either way except that now it's a lot harder to tell the future MBA's from the Jehovah's Witnesses on campus.

Word to the wise: Check for a Bible before making inappropriate comments at young male co-eds.


Grant Miller said...

I wish more colleges would institute dress codes. Guys could wear corporate attire or whatever and the women could wear those school girl uniforms. You know like Britney Spears in that one video.

That'd be cool.

mamadawn said...

They wear those t-shirts so we can steer clear of them. (Hey, there's a cute boy...oh never mind. He's a jackass.) Saves time, ya know?

I think it would double the fun to make inappropriate comments at the ones with bibles. But I'm hellbound, yo.

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