Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Stand Corrected

It has become glaringly apparent that I am a terrible judge of character.

A few tidbits of information have come to my attention that I can't ignore. I am heartbroken that I was indeed wrong about the person I trusted my stupid, sometimes annoying, but enormously loved dogs with.

Damn it.

In other news...

I saw an office in the medical park next to my bank titled "Successful Aging Center".

Um, isn't not being dead considered successful aging? What the hell do they do over there--give you a plaque on your birthday?

"Hooray, you've managed not to die! Here is a prize for your effort. Carry on."

Don't rich old people (the only people I can imagine with a use for such a place) have anything better to do? If they're that intent on handing over their cash, I'd be happy to help them out.


Grant Miller said...

They should start blogs instead.

Michael K said...

I am guessing it is called that because "Assisted Dying Place" sounded a wee bit harsh.

Michael K said...

Also, I'm sorry to hear about yer dog watcher. I only ever leave my pooch with friends.

Jenna said...

So she did do it? Thats awful. Its so hard to find good help these days! (I'm serious, its really is!)

amylynn said...

Yeah, I would think that anyone wth three or four names would be immediately suspect.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I'm in the veterinary industry and having seen some whacked out pet abuse only ever board my kitty where there's a full time AHAA veterinarian on staff.
Sorry though, I hate being wrong too.

My retired parents have turned into mutant Stepford Golfers since moving to The Villages. I would rather they had gone to some flim-flam aging center been bamboozled but remained somewhat normal.

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