Sunday, March 4, 2007

Are you really that suprised?

Ann Coulter is running at the mouth again, not that I thought she ever stopped.

If you read the article, it is obvious she tries to backtrack at the end, but the damage is already done. Maybe the hormones aren't working correctly. Maybe she's angry science hasn't yet come up with a way to remove her Adam's Apple. Maybe, and I think this is the key here....

Maybe she's just saying what's really on her mind.

Don't get me wrong, I am not applauding her vile vitriol. I think she is the epitome of cuntiness. But I have to give her credit for her outstanding example of making a complete fucktard out of oneself in the name of Conservatism.

I wish more "right wingers" would follow in her footsteps.

They sugar-coat the spew with their "hate the sin, not the sinner" bullshit, but the truth is they don't like Gay people or really anyone who doesn't buy into their fairytale. And why would they? I don't really care (or maybe it's more of a fear factor) for people who collect Longaberger baskets or who followed The Grateful Dead or Phish around back in the day. The difference being that the people I don't like chose to love overpriced schlock and annoying jam bands.

I'm fine with the fact that people like Mr. Coulter don't like me or people I call my closest friends. I'm especially pleased when they make their case publicly. It just isolates them more and more from normal people with reasoning abilities above a second grade level (no offense to any second graders out there).

Nothing would make me happier than if they got ol' Tranny...I mean Annie to speak at the Republican National Convention come election time. Hell, give her a government job--maybe put her in charge of the Protest Banner Committee. Anything to drag the far Right deeper into the swamp of unelectability.

Less work for me, I say.


Grant Miller said...

I hear she's got a few addiction problems. But who doesn't?

Leah said...

I'm impressed that you can even read an article on her. She makes me so angry that my hands shake.

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Once again, nice labels. Also nice to find someone else who doesn't car for The Grateful Dead or Phish. I've always heard, for the Dead, anyway, that you really can't "get" them unless you take acid, which I don't (well, except for that one time, which was unintentional).

mamadawn said...

Gads (s)he just creeps me out. I throw up in my mouth a little when I hear people say she's "pretty." LOOK AT HER! She looks like not enough skin stretched tightly over a robot skeleton. Plus, I hate her with every fiber of my being. Nothing awful (s)he could say would surprise me.

It IS funny to watch the psycho right-wingers taking a big step away from her now. As if to say, sure, we're cruel and crazy, but not THAT cruel and crazy. As if (s)he's not their damn spokesmodel.

And I can testify that acid does NOT make Phish or the Grateful Dead any more listenable (if that's even a word). They suck. They suck-diddly-uck.

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