Tuesday, March 20, 2007

They make pills for this, don't they?

It appears someone is interested in the house.

They are a young couple with a dog, no kids. The husband is a pharmaceutical rep. (I'm assuming that isn't code for "drug dealer"). They are looking for their first home. That's pretty much all I know.

My realtor took them through the house after the wife emailed her for an appointment about a week and a half ago. They've since questioned her on the average monthly bills and wiring.

From what my real estate agent told me, the wife is in love with the house (especially the wood floors) and the husband seemed very interested in finishing the walk up attic for an office.

So, why aren't I jumping up and down? They sound serious, and they are asking the type of questions we asked about the house we just purchased. Realistically, this could be it.

In the back of my mind, I can't let myself get excited. It's almost if I think "This is it!", I will inevitably be let down.

Maybe my calmness is a sign that this really is it...but since I'm thinking in those terms, it won't be. I don't believe in omens or signs anyway, but I want to. I also want to believe my horoscope when it says, "You will have the most amazing sex of your life on the 17th" or "Your peers worship your wisdom and beauty" or "Your ass looks fabulous today!".

I'm a realist to a fault. That, combined with acute fits of pessimism and a chronic case of fuckyouitis makes it really hard for me to enjoy things.

Whenever I go on vacation (which is a rarity), I literally get knots in my neck muscles from trying to remember what to pack. I make extensive lists, then worry I've forgotten to put something on those lists. By the time I am able to relax, I then have to start the list-making and stress all over again. I hate hate hate having to get to the airport so much earlier than necessary. Maybe I'm just a hopeless control freak?

So, all this to say that I am not getting my hopes up about these potential buyers. Really, it's easier this way. If they don't buy the house, I am not too let down. If they do, I'll be extra excited.

Then I get to worry about moving.


Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

At least moving should be easy, right. You just need one entry on your list: "Pack everything."

Grant Miller said...

Is he a big pharma or little pharma?

If he's a big pharma rep, it really means he is Satan and God has sent these people to you to judge you.

Additionally, I worship your wisdom and beauty.

pezda said...

Always prepare for and expect the worst case scenario. That way you can never be disappointed.

Love Monkey said...

For a second I thought I was reading one of my own blogs. If you could harness the energy both you and I spend on worrying, well..... it would be a lot of energy. That's all I know.

Hanmee said...

We are SO alike.

(I think I've said this before.)

I also call it realism. (My husband calls it pessimism.)

Winter said...

Only worry if you do something illegal.

It's the only time it's worth it.

Time being jail time.

Jail is a bad place.

What were we talking about again?

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