Thursday, March 22, 2007


Let's say you were doing business with someone, a monthly business. Maybe, I don't know, renting storage units for example.

Let's say that when you first called inquiring about information and quotes, the owner himself took your call and couldn't have been nicer.

Let's say you went ahead and used his company over a bigger, national chain because, as you told him, you "like to give your money to local businesses"--the 'little guy', so to speak.

Let's say the minute you signed the contract with Mr. Little Guy, he turned into a complete and utter asshole.

Let's say that they were rude when they dropped off the storage units and got pissy when you asked them to put the 'open side' facing the door you would be taking your stuff out of. Let's say you didn't tell the delivery guy to go fuck himself even though you told them which way to face them before he got the things off of the truck.

Let's say that they were raging jerks on the phone when they called to ask when you were planning on having the storage units picked up because they "really needed to get those back here. It's been 6 weeks!" (Even though they told you that you take "all the time you needed" when you originally asked about it).

Let's say that, months into the business arrangement, you noticed that you weren't being charged on the credit card you gave them.

Let's say, out of the goodness of your giving heart, you called them to make sure you were being charged correctly.

Would you or would you not expect them to at least be cordial about it--that they would at least thank you for pointing out a discrepancy in their favor.

Yeah, I thought so.


Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

I got one of those once. They got all pissy when our unit got graffiti'd. My argument was, "Well, who designed these damn things. They're huge and white. Hell, I almost spray painted the fucking thing myself!" They didn't buy it. Scrub it off or you'll get charged, they said. Fuckers. Fuck 'em all, I say.

mamadawn said...

People are idiots. And assholes. But mostly idiots.

Love Monkey said...

I suppose that I might just go all pre-menopausal on their asses. I mean hypothetically speaking, of course.

Winter said...

Once I was never charged for a skirt I purchased at a department store with a credit card.

I never told anyone.

Am I going to hell?

Grant Miller said...

I let my wife handle stuff like that.

Hanmee said...

It's a hassle, but I swear it'd be worth the change. Of course, I guess you would have to at least finish out the contract so don't cuss them out until you take your stuff back.

Winter: I thought Jews don't believe in hell, so you're probably okay right?

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