Monday, March 26, 2007

Suddenly I feel like a genius

On my way home from the video store today I saw a woman pumping gas.

She was wearing a pot leaf t-shirt.

And smoking.

And she was pregnant.


Love Monkey said...

That kid doesn't have a chance. Another dumb fuck in the making

Winter said...


Grant Miller said...

Maybe she just supports using hemp to make rope. Did you ever think of that? Did you?

Hanmee said...

Grant, I didn't think of that. But they also make some great cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories from hemp as well. It's MUCH more absorbant than cotton and much more environmentally friendly.

WTG on not assuming anything. I personally, like Chaylene, would have thought she was just an imbecile.

I was actually wondering if she was smoking a cigarette or something else. (I don't know how that stuff works.)

Chaylene said...

It appeared to be a "normal" cigarette.

My guess is the only thing she is supporting is a good-for-nothing slacker babydaddy, but I tend to be a judgmental bitch.

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