Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Home Sweet Home

The closing went well yesterday, much more quickly than I remember our first one going.

Afterwards, we went straight over to the new house to meet up with the friends that were watching our kids to spare them the boredom of watching their parents sign their name 87,000 times. Another couple friends came over with their kids and we ordered pizza and drank a few beers. I suppose that was our first "dinner party". It was wonderful.

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We all wandered around the empty house discussing furniture arrangement, paint colors and future remodeling projects. I can't wait to get my hands dirty making all the ideas a reality.

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We also got to meet one set of neighbors--three of them from the house next door. Jim went over to borrow a phone book and met the matriarch of the family. When we were leaving, the daughter and granddaughter were outside and I chatted with them for a few minutes.

They seemed really friendly and "mellow"--real earthy type people. I'm not a big fan of hippies, but I'm not going to make any judgement calls here (yet). They offered us a free tree for our front yard! How nice is that?

It's so much quieter in the new neighborhood. No Harley's rumbling down the street, no fire trucks screeching by at all hours, and no bass-thumping asshats rattling our windows.

The backyard is heaven (but in need of some serious landscaping help--as is the front yard. All in good time). I've always wanted a home that I could have gatherings at comfortably, and now I do. I'm so so happy.

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The batteries on my camera died pretty soon after we got there, so this is just a little taste of the obnoxious amount of 'before and after photos' I am going to share. Brace yourself.


Tanya Espanya said...

Ohmygod, I love moving to a new house. And look at how green everything is!

And how cute are you and your man at your front door?

Is that your comics van too? Neat.

Grant Miller said...

Nice house. It'd be a real shame if anything happened to it.

Tankboy said...

Look at the size of that yard! The awesome screened in porch! I am so visiting!

Also, please tell me that Jim did indeed wear that hat whilst signing his name 78,253 times.

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Yeah, that porch looks heavenly.


Phil said...

Porch = Awesome.
Yard = Awesome.
Van = The awesomest.

canadian sadie said...

Those are the cutest shoes EVER. And I love your new house. And "ACME comics"? You rock.

congratulations :)

Jenna said...

congratulations happy homeowner housewife! Thats fantastic, look at that yard. And I love the porch.

Winter said...

To be honest I was picturing you all scary.

But you have let my hopes down.

You are all pretty, and normal looking.


Beth said...

I love your porch! If I bring beer, can I hang on it all day Saturday?

hanmee said...

For some reason, I was picturing you as pretty "vanilla", even though you mentioned the comic book store.

You guys look cute! :)

yllwdaisies said...

Yes, you look diff than how I pictured you too. You two are such a cute couple! Congrats again on everything!

Grant Miller said...

You look exactly how I pictured you.

jewgirl said...

that backyard is GORGEOUS. I love that enclosed patio, too.

how cute are you and your man. I am plotzing from you two and your sweet fruits.

I wish we lived in the same hood. right now, I'm working a hair don't. I really need a new do.

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