Monday, June 11, 2007

Lowe's owns my soul

Can I just say again how much I love my new house? Not just the house, but the whole neighborhood.

Saturday morning, as Jim and I were emptying out the storage units, a neighbor from down the street came over and introduced himself and his oldest daughter. He handed me a list of all the other neighbor's addresses and phone numbers. He welcomed us to the block and said that if we need anything, to just give a call.

Yesterday the neighbor girl next door came over and offered her babysitting services. I could have hugged her.

We met the guy across the street too. He's thinking about selling, but when he saw that we had two little girls (his daughters are close in age to mine), he said they would probably stay. Then he invited us over for a drink after we got all moved in.

I know we bought the right house.

We spent most of the weekend painting with the help of some good friends and a little pizza and beer.

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Girls' rooms (I've decided these rooms need a white wood trim at the top, next the ceiling):
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Painting the window and floor trim white next weekend:
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Kitchen demo. Suck it, Ty Pennington:
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When we took the cabinets down next to the sink, we found this on the wall. Dave Brown sounds like a man defeated:
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This Saturday I'm going to tackle painting the second coat on the light stuff in the living room, painting the master bedroom and prepping the kitchen walls for its pretty new color.

In other news of the worst case scenario kind....

Our buyers might be hitting the road.

The home inspector came Friday and suggested that at some point the wiring on the second floor be rewired. They freaked out, and asked that we have it done.

After consulting with an electrician friend of mine, I promptly opened a beer and fought back tears. What they are asking us to do, in the two weeks before the planned closing mind you, is to have done what could cost over $2000. It's not going to happen.

We offered them a little cash towards fixing it, but I have the feeling they aren't going to go for it. We are screwed, big time.

My realtor is supposed to call today to tell me what they said, but I'm not going to get my hopes up. It looks like we'll be putting that motherfucking for sale sign back into the yard.

On the bright side, we'll be living at the new house in a week, so I won't have to worry about keeping the old house clean. Also, that was the only problem the home inspector found with the house. Everything else is piddly stuff that is easy to fix.

On the not-so-bright side, we very well might have two house payments in the not too distant future.

Whiny, tear-laden posts to follow shortly.


Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

So, does this affect your husband's plans to acquire a new big-screen TV?

Beth said...

Poor Dave. Wonder how he's doing now that gas is triple that?

Grant Miller said...

We did the exact same thing as Dave Brown in our kitchen. Except we didn't "write" anything about getting divorced.

Tanya Espanya said...

We carried two properties for A YEAR! It was craptastic. You will sell your house within a couple of weeks, not to worry.

Tankboy said...

Nice interior photos. Here are some more ... tell Jim Di got photos of Bruce Wayne's penthouse!

Winter said...

Um.. I like the pictures..

Amber Dalton said...

Oh. Suck. I'm so sorry. I'm waiting to hear what happens...

Did you know you are my clone? If I worked in cosmetology and smoked. And had two kids. And if my hubby worked. But seriously, clones.

And I only own one house.


jewgirl said...

WILL YOU be posting the shiny new painted house, too? dying to see pics. looks like a beautiful joint.

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