Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Move in day approacheth and other weird shit

We close on our new house today!

I called the movers yesterday to set up a time to get the big stuff over there Monday, the 18th. I bought my new washer and dryer on Saturday--decided to go with the LG front loaders--on sale plus 0% financing did the trick. I bought our dining room table (well, really "eat in kitchen" table) and chairs on Sunday. Those were half off at Target--hooray!

All the utilities have been called, the cable/broadband guy is coming on Friday as are the storage unit people. I have a busy weekend of unloading ahead of me. In a way I don't even want to stupid units back (save for some photos and books). It's pretty interesting how much stuff we have done without since January. I plan on having a garage sale before the end of the summer.

And then there is all the painting I am facing. I actually enjoy painting. I didn't when we first bought our current house, and it showed. For some reason, in the last 6 1/2 years my painting skills improved and the fresh coat we through on there over the New Year's Eve holiday looks 100% better than the first.

I have to get the living room and all three bedrooms painted before the movers bring all of our shit over there. The kitchen, bathroom and basement can wait for another day.

We're also having the front of the house landscaped. There is a grading issue right up next to the house, and needs to be taken care of. Luckily we have a friend who happens to be a landscaper and will do it for a lot less than having to hire a bunch of strangers.

Oh, and I have to have some minor surgery on the 22nd.

I won't go into minute detail about what is up, but let's just say there are some unwelcome guests hanging out in my uterus and they are aren't things that will eventually be asking me to fill their sippy cups 87,000 times a day.

It's not the most convenient time for this to go down, but what can ya' do? The best part of all of this is I get to channel Jerri Blank every time I tell someone about it, "I have to go get my uterus scraped." Classic.

Don't worry. I'll be sure to blog all about it. Aren't you excited?


Tanya Espanya said...

I'm exhausted reading about all the stuff you have to do. But it's exciting to move, too.

Good luck with the painting...and that surgery...ugh...

Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself!!! Hugs!!!

hanmee said...

I hope your surgery goes well. Please be sure to tell us all the annoying/disgusting details.

Hopefully, you'll get your house settled in time to enjoy a little bit of the summer :).

Tankboy said...

After your surgery goes splendidly (which it will, of course), feel free to bring your painting skillz to our MI place ... because I HATE painting and it's all I've been doing there lately!

Phil said...

Does your oldest still use a sippy cup? Mine does.

Chaylene said...

Tanya: When I was where you are right now, blinking made me exhausted. (I can't wait to go and see if you've had that baby yet!)

Leah: I'm looking forward to August

Hanmee: Oh, don't you know it!

Jim: Thank you for the positive thoughts, and if I could get my ass up there on a moment's notice, I would love to help you out.

Phil: Yes, most of the time. She never stops moving and/or talking so when we do use a regular cup, it almost always ends up on the floor.

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